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Extreme efforts to mask horrors

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Harassment and attempts to discredit us continue

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"... So many attempts to exterminate us, using the most infamous and dirty methods, will always find a Community that is determined to resist, and a multitude of human beings throughout the world who still uphold ethical principles and condemn such barbarity in the face of history ... " 

Are the birds attacking the guns now?

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The persecution of our Peace Community of San José de Apartado is saturated with macabre and absurd episodes, but maybe something was still missing: that they sue us for "persecuting" and "threatening" those who have massacred, tortured, displaced, raped, robbed, stigmatized, slandered and ruined us. Colonel Rojas Díaz, current XVII Brigade Commander, despite his horrific criminal past performances, has discovered that he still had this new option of taking us to court for persecuting and threatening one of our greatest victimisers.

Civilian population made a target of the armed forces

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There is no limit to ways of showing it; the degradation of the value of life has become all too common for murderers who are protected by a system of absolute impunity that persists in endangering the lives of the civilian population. Once again, we document the latest horros for humanity to judge:

The Labyrinths of State Lie in Urabá

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In our long trajectory of over 17 years, our Peace Community, and the campesino farmers of our geographical and social environment, have been the victims of massive and continuous lies the various branches of the State and the Establishment.


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Our Community of Peace makes an urgent call to the country and the world, to protect the life and integrity of LUZ VALLE, and documents the following aggressions against the civilian population:

The tragic consequences of the President not fulfilling his duty: persecution, extermination and ‘false positives’

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Everything regarding the situation we are now living has been documented systematically and sent to President Santos’ office. On January 7, 2009 COLONEL GERMAN ROJAS DIAZ made use of well-known paramilitary WILFER HIGUITA to vilely blackmail someone who had been a member of our Peace Community’s Internal Council. The Colonel warned him by telephone that unless he agreed to collaborate in the destruction of the peace community, he would present false charges against him as a guerrilla and drug dealer. On February 7, 2009 Lieutenant DELGADO of the Voltígeros Battalion, under the command of Colonel ROJAS, scolded the victim because he had reported this blackmail, and ordered him to report to battalion, because only the military could help him or kill him, and said that his fate was in their hands and in no one else’s, even if he continued to denounce the facts elsewhere. On February 24 a brother of the victim was illegally detained in order to intimidate him further. On August 26 the paramilitaries of New Antioquia detained members of the Peace Community in order to question them about the whereabouts of the victim, and on September 21 the army detained two other members of the community for the same reason. On 18 October of the same year 2009 the military again detained the victim and his family, and complained of the Community’s international support, alleging this would end when they completed their persecution against the community. On 16 November of that year, the paramilitary WILFER HIGUITA, Colonel ROJAS’ right arm, revealed a blacklist of people  they planned to kill, in the rural settlement of Caracolí, including the victim of blackmail. On December 9 in the neighbourhood Policarpa in Apartadó, paramilitaries showed inhabitants another blacklist, which also included the victim of blackmail. On August 4, 2010 COLONEL ROJAS tried to sue the Peace Community for "threats" because of our protests against the troops who had built trenches in the rural settlement of La Union and tore down fences. On July 4, 2012 the paramilitaries burned down the blackmail victim’s house, and 3 days later they stormed the village of San José, heavily armed, boasting of having carried out this act of arson in collaboration with the army. On March 7, 2013 COLONEL ROJAS kept asking, via cell phones, the whereabouts of the victim of blackmail.

Commander of the XVII Brigade announces the extermination of the Peace Community

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Once again our Peace Community records the new acts of horror against us and against the people of our geographical and social environment. Joint activities between the military and paramilitaries in the region continue openly. For all our requests that the High Government take action, it shows itself to be deaf, dumb and schizophrenic. The new documented facts are:

· On Monday, July 7, 2014 at 9:00 am a group of soldiers stationed themselves for several minutes at the entrance to the settlement of San Josecito of our peace community, which is our living and working space as well as being private property of the Community. When community members became aware of the presence of the military, they went to ask them to withdraw. One of the soldiers, on whose uniform was the nametag ROJAS, treated the community shamelessly and abusively, alleging that the peace community were armed actors like them, and he identified himself as a peace community member. He argued that he was there because he wanted to greet the international observers who were present there, and exchange contacts. Our Peace Community rejects these insults by the National Army against us, and we remind them that our private spaces, enshrined in the constitution and the law, are not spaces of meetings and exchange of information with any armed group including the armed forces.

New announcements of annihilation

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"... Neither the sowers of barbarism and terror, nor their rifles, will make us give up our principles or make us kneel and bend into a complicit silence towards that barbarism ..."

Endless Crime and Impunity

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 Despite our cries and documentation, the paramilitaries continue to develop their civil-military plan of war in the rural settlements of Rodoxali, Zabaleta and La Hoz of the township of San José. They are building roads and houses there, and all the materials are brought to the town of Nuevo Antioquia by paramilitaries and then civilians are forced to carry building materials to the settlements, all under the complacency of local authorities at regional, provincial and national levels. Given these and other facts, our Peace Community again records for humanity and for history, these new developments to the already long list of crimes under impunity committed against the Peace Community and the local population day by day. The new facts are: 

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